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Audited Financial Statement as on 31.Dec.2018

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Small to medium size (including retail traders) and corporate companies who undertake to route all business transactions through Bank of India Uganda Limited.

Main features and benefits
  • A credit line for availment as an Overdraft/Loan or L/C or Guarantee.
  • Purchase of equipment such as machinery, equipment, vehicle, tools, fixtures, furniture etc.
  • Acquisition/repairs or renovation of the business premises.
  • Working capital requirement.
  • The eligibility of loan amount will be decided on case by case basis depending on various factors like type of asset purchase/value of the account/cash-flow projections/annual income/collateral security etc. acceptable to the bank.
  • We finance Up to 85% depending upon value of other collateral security.
  • Repayment Period; Overdraft - on demand, subject to annual review for working capital limits. Loan – maximum of 84 months (7 years).

Basic Requirements
  • Formal Application stating the amount, purpose, tenor, source of repayment and pro-posed security.
  • Financial card number for the borrower
  • Third party guarantee of persons with adequate worth. (Can be waived at the discretion of BOIUL depending on the standing of the borrower).
  • Charge on the assets created out of the loan amount
  • Collateral security acceptable to the Bank.
  • Personal Guarantee of directors/partners/proprietors /property holder. Any deviation in terms would need approval of sanctioning authority on merits.
  • The assets acquired from the acquired loan should be fully insured covering appropriate risks and the policy to be assigned in the name of Bank of India Uganda Limited.